Offering hope. Changing lives.

Two people looking into microscopes.


At Spectrum Health, we understand that research and innovation lead to the development of new treatments, drugs and use of medical devices that benefit patients who are diagnosed with the most challenging health conditions, including complex heart and vascular diseases.

At Corewell Health Grand Rapids Hospitals Fred & Lena Meijer Heart Center, we not only provide a wide variety of cardiovascular services, we are dedicated to research uncovering the miracles of cardiac tissue regeneration. Renzo Loyaga-Rendon, MD, MSPH, PhD, is Spectrum Health's Medical Director of Cardiovascular Research. Since joining Corewell Health in 2016, Dr. Loyaga-Rendon quickly established himself as an excellent physician and scientist in our Heart Failure and Transplant department. Dr. Loyaga-Rendon, and his collegues, work collaboratively with the Van Andel Research Institute to uncover cardiac treatments of the future.

Research Represents HOPE

"We pursue our investigations so that one day we can offer HEALTH." ~Judah Folkman