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For Girls
  PQ: Can bras cause breast cancer?
  PQ: Can breasts be injured?
  PQ: Can I go swimming when I have my period?
  PQ: Can I insert a tampon even if I don't have my period yet?
  PQ: Do I have to change my pad overnight?
  PQ: Do tampons hurt?
  PQ: How do I tell a boy I don't like him?
  PQ: How do I tell my mom I got my period?
  PQ: How do I tell my mom I need a bra?
  PQ: How do I tell my mom I need to get some pads in case my period starts?
  PQ: I feel embarrassed when I have my period at school. What should I do?
  PQ: I have a man doctor. What do I do?
  PQ: I have hair on the nipples of my breasts. Is that normal?
  PQ: I heard that some bras make your breasts stop growing. Is that true?
  PQ: My mom isn't around. How can I talk to my dad about girl stuff?
  PQ: Should girls use scented or unscented pads and tampons?
  PQ: Should girls wear a bra at night?
  PQ: What can I do if someone stares at my breasts?
  PQ: What if a girl never gets her period?
  PQ: What if everything goes wrong when you get your first period?
  PQ: What if I forget about my tampon?
  PQ: What if I'm itchy down there?
  PQ: What if one of my breasts is bigger than the other?
  PQ: What's a pantiliner?
  PQ: Why don't any boys like me?