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NICU Visitor Guidelines
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NICU Visitor Guidelines

Whether your baby is in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for a short time or for many weeks, here are some general guidelines to follow when you are in the NICU—all shaped by our family-centered care philosophy.

General Guidelines

  • Remove all jewelry, push up your sleeves, and scrub hands and arms up to the elbow before entering the nursery. Lockers are available in the scrub area. If you have any questions about hand-washing ask a nurse. Hand-washing is key to keeping the babies healthy.
  • Sign in and out so we can locate you when needed.
  • Everyone, except parents, is asked to step out of the NICU during shift changes, nursing reports, doctors’ rounds, special procedures and emergencies.
  • Up to four people may visit the baby at a time.

For Family

  • Parents are welcome in the NICU at any time.
  • Grandparents and other visitors may visit at any time a parent is present.
  • Brothers and sisters of the infant are invited to spend time with the baby. They must be healthy, not recently exposed to chickenpox, and free of coughs and colds.

For Visitors Other Than Family

  • Visitors must be at least 16 years old.
  • Visitors must be selected by the parents.
  • Approved visitors can visit without the parents present; however, parents must call ahead to the unit to approve each visit.
  • Visitors must wear the badges they receive upon arriving at the hospital.
  • Visitors cannot bring other visitors along. Only the parents can designate who is permitted to visit.

Also note that in accordance with patient privacy laws, the nurses cannot share any medical information about the baby with anyone but the parents.

Visiting the NICU can be overwhelming. Following these guidelines can help keep the babies safe and prevent further illness.

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