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Your Child's Room at the Hospital

Your Child's Room at the Hospital

Make Yourself at Home
Bringing in photos of family members, pets and friends can make your child's room feel a little more like home. You are welcome to bring your own pajamas, robes, slippers or personal items from home, for your child and for you.

Only Mylar balloons are allowed. Latex and rubber balloons are the leading cause of material-choking deaths in children. Also, some people are allergic to latex. Our gift shop carries Mylar balloons for purchase, or you can bring them in. Balloons are not allowed in The Gerber Foundation Neonatal Center.

Let us know if your child has allergies or certain conditions that prohibit flowers. Flowers are not allowed on Floor 3, Floor 8, Floor 9 or Floor 10. Flower arrangements may be purchased in the Gift Shop at Butterworth Hospital on the first floor near the lobby. Special orders are also available from the Gift Shop and the Sallie Bender Guild Gift Shop on Floor 1.

If your child's room includes one, you may use the shower in his or her bathroom. If your child's room does not have a shower, ask your child's nurse to direct you to a shower near the unit. If you need soap, shampoo or towels, ask a member of your child's health care team.

Local and cable television channels, as well as on-demand movies, are available in your room free of charge. Closed captioning is available. Turn on your TV to access the menu. Your nurse call device also controls the TV.

In-room Telephones
Your room is equipped with a telephone that can be used for free local calling (dial 9 plus the seven-digit phone number) and in-hospital extensions. Long distance calls can be made with a calling card or by calling collect.

The in-room phone can also receive calls, except in critical care areas. Hospital operators or other staff members will transfer incoming calls to your room from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. If you wish to share your in-room phone number, it is displayed on the top of the phone and on the white board in your room.

Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
T.D.D. (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) is available for patients and visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing. Ask a member of your child's care team for information or to make arrangements for a device.

Cell Phones
Cell phones can be used throughout the hospital unless otherwise posted or requested by family members or staff members.

Please keep cell phones on vibrate or silent at all times. The volume and subject matter of cell phone conversations must be kept appropriate to a children's hospital. If your cell phone use is disruptive, you may be asked by a staff member or volunteer to move to another area or to end the conversation. No photos of children (other than your own) or staff members may be taken without their permission. No photos may be taken of medical equipment or devices.

To prevent the spread of germs, please wash your hands after phone use and before touching your child. Clean phones daily with a disinfectant wipe.

Do not use a phone while holding your child.

Internet Access
We offer free wireless Internet access. With our wireless service, you can use your laptop with a wireless card to access the Internet from any unrestricted area of the hospital. Select the "sh-guest" wireless network. If you need help making a wireless connection, call the Wireless Internet Support Line 24 hours a day at 616.391.4000.

Computers with Internet access are also available in the Peter C. and Pat Cook Library on Floor 1.

Staying Safe in Your Room

Bathtubs: Never leave your child unattended in the bathtub. Please use the red emergency cord in the bathroom to call for assistance any time you need it.

Cribs and Beds: Side rails should be kept up and wheels should be locked at all times. Keep soft objects, toys and loose bedding out of the crib or bed while your child is sleeping.

Monitors/Equipment: For his or her safety, your child may be placed on a monitor. Some monitors have cords attached to them that could make getting out of bed or walking difficult. Please ask us to help you with these activities.