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Transitioning to Adult Medical Care
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Transitioning to Adult Medical Care

If you're like most people between the ages of 18 and 23, you've started making more of your own decisions-calling your own shots. One of the major areas you'll control is your health care.

Whether you're confident or overwhelmed, relax. There are lots of places you can turn to for help, including your parents and your current health care provider especially if you have a chronic condition or have had health issues growing up.

Part of your independence means leaving behind the pediatrician's office. While your parents can still offer advice or recommendations, you have (or soon will have) the final say.

As you assume responsibility, it will help you to know:
• Your medical condition(s) and health history
• What medicines you are taking
• How to get help in an emergency
• How to make medical appointments
• How to refill prescriptions
• How to ask questions about taking care of your health

You'll also be able to:
Find a new doctor ("primary care physician")
Understand how insurance works
• Learn what to do if you don't have insurance.
Know about your privacy rights and what they mean
Know how to access mental health care help