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Patients and Family Rights & Responsibilities
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Patients and Family Rights & Responsibilities

Patients Rights

At Helen DeVos Children's Hospital we promise to:

  • Listen to you and your parents
  • Tell you and your parents what is happening
  • Tell you:
    • Who we are
    • What we do at the hospital
    • Why we have come into your room
    • Why you are here
  • Explain things in ways that you and your parents can understand
  • Work with you and your parents to decide the best way to care for you
  • Co-create your plan of care with you and your parents
  • Help you feel safe so you can talk to us about anything
  • Care for you no matter:
    • What you look like
    • Where you live
    • What care you need
    • Who pays for your care
    • What you can or cannot do
  • Do what we can to help you feel better if you hurt or are uncomfortable
  • Let you celebrate and observe your special traditions
  • Allow your family and friends to be with you as much as you want-and if there are times when you don't want visitors, let us know and we will help you

Patient Responsibilities
To help us meet your needs, please:

  • Tell us about:
    • Your health and the way you are feeling
    • All medication that you take
    • Your family's needs and worries
    • Any needs you and your family have
  • Help in your care by:
    • Telling us your ideas about how we can best care for you
    • Working together with the doctors, nurses and other people taking care of you
    • Learning what you can do to take care of yourself
    • Letting us know if you have any questions or concerns
  • Help us create a safe and healing environment by:
    • Treating others with respect
    • Using quiet inside voices
    • Respecting other's space
    • Using kind words
    • Bringing your items that are of comfort to you, such as a favorite toy, blanket or electronic device
  •  Follow the hospital rules by:
    • Taking care of hospital property and supplies
    • Using only the medications your doctor says you should use
    • Keeping the volume of your personal electronic devices at a level that is not heard outside your room
    • Keeping the hospital free of alcohol, tobacco and drugs
    • Leaving your valuables at home

Any member of your health care team or Patient Relations team can help you if you have other questions, concerns or compliments.