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Doctor Appointment or Clinic Visit
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Doctor Appointment or Clinic Visit

Preparing for your doctor's appointment or clinic visit is key to effective communication. The following checklist can help you be prepared and set the stage for building a positive relationship with your doctor. 

Tips to Promote a Good Relationship

Be focused.

  • Avoid distractions such as siblings, cell phones and personal digital assistance devices so that you can ask-and answer-the doctor.
  • Stick to the reason for the visit in your questions and conversation.
  • If you have other concerns, schedule a separate visit.

Follow the rules.

  • Arrive on time or a few minutes early.
  • If you are unavoidably late, call the office to let them know.
  • Call the office at least 24 hours in advance to cancel an appointment.

What to Bring

What to Share with the Doctor

  • How long the condition has been a problem
  • What symptoms your child has exhibited and how often
  • What tests and previous treatments have been done
  • What, if any, change or information resulted
  • Questions you or your child would like to ask

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